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Website Copy

Do you have a website that you know needs a little R&R, but you're dreading putting the time into updating it? 

Or have you started a new business and you need to build a website from scratch?

Either way, I can help!

Personal Writing Projects

Do you have a manuscript sitting in your bedside table or a story inside of you that you are ready to share with others? 

Let's make that happen. 


Blog Posts

Did you know that blog posts can bring some serious traffic to your website?

Whether you have a product/service that you're trying to sell or are a new blogger in need of some mentorship, we can work together to create blog posts that you're proud of. 

Resumes & College Essays

You dream of that job or that college. The words you choose on your resume or college essay can be the deciding factor in whether or not that dream becomes a reality. 

I will help you edit and revise these important documents. 

*Note - I will NOT write your college essay for you. But I will help walk you through writing the best essay you've ever written (once a teacher, always a teacher). 

Social Media Posts

It's no secret that having a social media presence is an important factor to building brand awareness and growing relationships with your target audience. 

And experts say that posting regularly is the key to making sure your content is seen.  

But that can feel like a lot. Let me manage them for you, instead. 

... And pretty much anything else with words.

Don't see your project type listed here? That's okay. Reach out to me anyway, and we'll talk it through together and see if it's something I can help you with. 


Let's Chat

Have some words you need to get out to the world? Reach out to me and we'll see if working together is a good fit. 

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