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Hi! I'm Deidre, and I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm married to Ethan and mom to Theo and Viv.

I spend most of my days writing, with my dog Pablo trying to push my laptop away so I'll pay attention to him. 

I love showing people that Jesus is for them, not against them. 

I'm a freelance writer, content editor at the Truly Co, and former elementary school teacher and instructional strategist.

I've been published in The Truly Co Magazine and Joyful Life magazine, and have been featured as a guest on a number of blogs. I've also visited some podcasts! 

I'm currently available for speaking at events! I love talking about:

  • Grace

  • Parenting newborns and toddlers

  • Friendship & Hospitality

  • The value of reading the Word & prayer

  • The creative process

  • Education 

  • Finding beauty in a broken world

  • What it means to be mortal

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