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The daily first cup - of coffee, of tea, of anything really - is obligatory.  It may be chugged in the car or reheated in the microwave three times.  It may be sipped while we check our emails or read the latest news.  We may share a cup with a friend and catch up on the week, or sneak in a couple minutes of quiet time before the rest of the household wakes up. 

But when we make time for the second cup - that's where the magic happens.  When we give ourselves permission to slow down.  To think deeply.  To speak honestly.  To really listen.  To enjoy the humming of life.

So settle in. Look around. There's writing, podcasts, freebies, and faith here for you. I pray that it feeds your soul.

Grey Colorful Winter Landscape Notebook -eBook (8.5 × 11 in) (1).png
Grey Colorful Winter Landscape Notebook -eBook (8.5 × 11 in) (1).png

Simple Christmas:
An Advent Guide

You love the Christmas season, but you find yourself getting bound up in the chaos and have caught yourself wondering if maybe - just maybe - there's a more restful, intentional path through this dazzling season.


The answer is - yes. Yes. It's possible to find a sense of ease, even when the world is telling you to 'Buy!' 'Decorate!' 'Celebrate!' and 'Do!' Yes. It's possible to set boundaries to protect your inner peace. And yes - it's possible to find new, grace-filled rhythms for the old ways of doing things.

Get Simple Christmas: An Advent Guide - a 56-page digital book that invites you into a more joyous and peace-filled journey through Advent. May your heart be filled with eager anticipation for the best arrival of all: Jesus.

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