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The Thrill of Abundance (In a Scarce-Minded World)

What's new and inspiring to you these days?

I ask because I am tiptoeing the line between apathy and hope, and I'd really like to embrace the latter rather than free fall into the former. The general report from the world is that it's languishing, and when I settle my gaze on it for longer than 15 seconds, I begin to languish, too. But when I tip my head heavenward and see an expanse spread far past the scope of my vision, I can feel a pull and a fullness that makes words fall flat on their two-dimensional faces. It is the promise of abundance, hovering just above this scarcity

mindset. It is there for the picking; it just requires a bit of looking up and looking out.

So here is a list of what's been giving me a thrill of abundance lately. I'd love to hear yours.

  • The way my little Vivian goes from a flat-on-her-belly sleep to reaching her arms for me to pick her up out of her bed. As if she senses me in the room and has only been resting until I came back, until we could be together again. She presses her heavy head to my shoulder and pats me knowingly on the back.

  • The smell of mud and chickadees singing when I load the kids in the car in the mornings. The routines of work and school haven't yet changed, but nature is waking up, and it thrills me to daydream of life outside of these habits I've curated.

  • Fresh eucalyptus in the house.

  • Praying aloud, with permission to not sound fancy or follow a formula. I've been thinking of it as communing with God, and I talk with him as I walk Pablo and hope the neighbors don't overhear. It helps me to stay focused on spending time with God rather than slipping into my erratic, semi-conscious thoughts.

  • Filling the bird feeder. We have a steady stream of woodpeckers, chickadees, tufted titmice, and greedy squirrels and chipmunks, all of which make Theo squeal in delight as he watches for them out the window.

  • White tea lights. I light them every night as we prepare dinner, and let them burn as we put the kids to bed, wash the dishes, and ease into the evening. Their hot wax melts into shimmering puddles as the night goes on, and if they haven't gone out on their own, I blow them out in a single, quiet puff before bed.

It's a humble list. Even so, it breeds contentment in my soul to settle my mind on these things. I feel a swelling in my chest - it is hope - as I get quiet enough to feel the vibrations of abundance running through every chord of life.

Please share your list, too. Name the things, humble as they are, that give you a thrill of abundance. For abundance is the antidote to apathy, and maybe when put together our humble lists will create a chorus of hope.

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