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I'm rebelling.

Exhaustion and the weary walk say there are no leftovers. That

Pen to paper,

body to floor,

Heart to heart -

There is no brain space, no energy, no iota of strength to labor toward anything that joyous.

[When did Joy become synonymous with Superfluous?

I got that memo but I'm shredding it.]

These are not 'extras.'

They're essentials. Wholeness and manna, that's what they are. The creative thing is the hard thing; it always is.

Wouldn't the Enemy just love to reduce our lives to tedium and hard step, hard step, hard step?

These fingers to keyboard, they're the hard-headed belief that the creative thing is the good thing, the God-thing.

Life - it flows through the effort. Every letter pounded, muscle stretched, true word articulated, it is a bite of manna that sustains.

Life and Joy do a two-step here together.

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